Sprint Planning

Super-addictive activities to fill that fitness calendar.


Check out our specially designed activities that thoroughly workout the body, the mind and both together.
We’ll be happy to help you custom design your fitness calendar specially to your organisations needs.

Go on. Get the ball rolling. You can also start with a single activity from those marked pilot.
Brain Hacks

Train those brains in a fun way.


Surprise and delight with short 30 minute bursts of activity through the day.

Plate watch

Compete to be the healthiest eater in the lunch-room.

Get a Coach

Get personalised support from Coaches, Nutritional experts and Fitness Counsellors.


Form teams & compete to win in this virtual trek.

GetActive Day

Unpack a full day of fitness, stress management and cognition activities.

Zone activity

Sign up for a Zumba,Yoga or Aerobics day.

* Pilot Activity

Run Riot

Run a marathon at your convenience and track scores over devices.

* Pilot Activity

Bounty Hunter

Pit minds against each other to win the bounty.

* Pilot Activity

Gym Privilege

Gym access across the country. Pay per use.

Chair stretch day.

Supervised exercises right at their desks.


Brain Hacks

Train those brains in a fun way.

Peek into our Fitness-Tech Platform

Our open technology platform has many pieces that fit together into a powerful product offering. From platform features like chat and groups to online games and activities, your folks have one mobile app to track, connect and remind.

From Planning to Execution, we got you covered.DEDICATED SUPPORT